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I’ve always been the type of person that loves connecting with others on a deeper level and collaborating to find solutions to life's problems. I realized later in my life that I grew up surrounded by neurodiversity, but no one was aware of it. That made so much sense as I’ve always had an affinity and intuitive connection with autistic children and adults.

I started working with neurodiverse children when I was a teenager, and then as a professional with parents, adults, and families. I feel totally blessed to have a career I love so much and find so rewarding. I have had the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of the many people I have been honored to work with.

I have a bachelor’s degree in recreation therapy and a master’s degree in social work and then became a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)/psychotherapist. I also became a BCBA incorporating only compassionate, self-directed and trauma informed approaches for children.

I spent many years as an in-home parent consultant. This involved going into the family home, usually on a weekly basis where one or more family members were neurodivergent.

I collaborated with parents to understand the needs of their children and how to support them in a holistic manner. It was a wonderful, rewarding experience to assist in making positive changes for the individuals and families. I have been working as a psychotherapist for 20 plus years, with children, adults, couples and families for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), abuse, trauma, parenting, women’s issues, and relational problems, specializing in neurodiversity, especially autism and ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder). As I developed Autism 360 Support, I found the increase in the awareness of so many autistic women who were never diagnosed, and the severe lack of support out there. So, I decided to focus my energy and passion to provide the help you need, and a supportive community where you can be cherished, valued, and supported.

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