Adult man with autism looking irritated with his fingers in his ears

Do You or Your Child With Autism/ Asperger’s Have Anxiety? It May Be Problems With Sensory Processing

It may be problems with sensory processing. Are you often overwhelmed, irritable or short tempered? Do you avoid crowds? Are you sensitive to certain sounds, lights, being touched, etc? Understanding that Sensory Processing Disorder can cause anxiety… (Read more…)

Women on the autism spectrum, working on a computer with multiple screens

Understand How Your Brain is Wired Neurodiversity is the New Normal

Neurodiversity is a concept that recognizes and respects neurological differences just as any other human variation. People’s brains are “wired” differently, but this doesn’t mean these differences are necessarily abnormal. Neurological…(Read more…)

Young girl with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental challenge with arms folded, pouting, appearing defiant

7 Keys to Get Your Child With Autism/Asperger’s to Listen

When your child with autism/Asperger’s doesn’t listen, it may seem like she is doing it on purpose. But, there are many reasons why this happens. Figuring out the reasons is VERY important. It may not be possible to understand completely, but having… (Read more…)

Young boy with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental challenge, sitting on the floor, playing with about 20 dinosaurs

Using Rewards

Have you tried talking to your child and explaining why he needs to do what you ask, but find yourself saying it over and over? No matter how much you reason with him, he just don’t seem to get it? Rewards can work for anyone, but especially for children on… (Read more…)

Woman with autism working on the computer

Girls and Women on the Autism Spectrum What You Need to Know

When a person with autism/Asperger’s is diagnosed in early childhood, it allows for parents and teachers to adjust to how the child learns throughout their development, and to enlist appropriate resources. When not diagnosed, this necessary guidance… (Read more…)

Mother, father, and 2 daughters, 1 girl angry the other, parents talking to them seriously

How to Parent When You or Your Partner Has Autism/Asperger’s

Do you or your partner have autism/ Asperger’s, and are raising children? It’s true that some people have autism to the degree that successful parenting may not be realistic. But, for many people on the autism spectrum, it is very possible to raise well… (Read more…)

Young girl sitting on the toilet, leaning forward, trying to get up

Toilet Training Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Are you feeling pressure that your child is not toilet trained? Are you concerned that it is your fault? Are you criticized or blamed that your child should have been trained by now? Well… these are common experiences for parents of children on the autism spectrum… (Read more…)

Young boy sitting on the toilet, smiling and pulling on the toilet paper

 Toilet Training Tips for Your Child on the Autism Spectrum, Do’s and Don’ts

For children on the autism spectrum, toilet training can take quite a bit longer, and can be a frustrating experience. Check out our blog on Toilet Training Your Child With Autism to learn helpful strategies. Below is a list of specific toilet training ideas and… (Read more…)

Family, parents, grandparents and 2 children sitting at the dinner table, eating, talking and smiling

The Importance of Routines for Your Child With Autism/Asperger’s

For the most part, your child will do better when she has daily routines and that her life is fairly predictable. Many parents find that when they tell their child ahead of time what is going to happen, their child is much more cooperative. Here are tips…(Read more…)