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Experiences Autistic Women Had Working With Jen

It doesn't matter if you are formally diagnosed, currently undergoing the process, or curious about your identity - you have a home here at Autism 360 Support


Jen helped me clarify my diagonses

I was nervous and hesitant starting my diagnosis session with Jen. But that feeling went away and the whole process made sense. Jen is a good listener and she’s understanding. She asks the right questions to draw out what she needs to know and communicates it back. It gave me a better understanding of myself. No matter what the outcome, you’ll learn something about yourself that will be useful. I recommend trusting this process, even if you feel fearful.    Anonymous-


I met with Jen for an assessment to see whether my feelings that I might be on the autism spectrum were correct. It is something that I had been considering for a few years but always questioned whether I was looking too deep into things, so I wanted to seek some perspective and clarity. I was very anxious leading up to the assessment, but Jen was amazing at making me feel very welcome and reassured. Her calming and relaxed nature during the assessment quickly made me feel more at ease. It felt like I was just chatting through my experiences, and it didn't feel intense or overwhelming at all.

Melanie Phipps-

I was in Jen’s support group


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