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Are you Struggling To Find Belonging As An Autistic Woman?

Join our Autistic Women’s Network to help find peace and belonging. This is for you if you are questioning whether you are autistic, self-diagnosed or officially diagnosed.


Did you know that 75% Autistic Women go

undiagnosed until at least the age of 18?

Most women are left to go through the self-identifying, or diagnostic and post diagnosis process alone. Not anymore…


Join Our Community


You Can Be a Proud Autistic Woman While Meeting Other Autistic Women - Share Experiences and Learn From Each Other

  • How to grow in positivity following a new Autism diagnosis
  • Feel confident in yourself, and your new identity as an Autistic woman.
  • Be a positive influence on other Autistic women coming after you.
  • Set boundaries at home, at college, at work, and anywhere in life.
  • Find a happier and freer life that you may be dreaming of.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Autistic Women's Network, you’ll learn how to finally regulate and find peace with what has seemed overwhelming.

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This Community is for you if you would like to…

  • Be at peace with your Autistic identity
  • Meet new people on the same journey as you
  • Have much more knowledge, tools, and insights to guide you

Having the right community can make all the difference. You have a home in the Autistic Women's Network


The Autistic Women's Network

You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Future Wellbeing?

This ongoing membership group will teach you everything you need to know to thrive in life as an autistic woman, at any stage of the journey - even pre-diagnosis. You’ll learn how to:

  • Self-advocate, and come to terms with your identity
  • Communicate on a deeper level with your significant other, family, friends and colleagues.
  • Be proud of who you are and not feel like a "broken" version of everyone around you

Who knows, you may even become a mentor or speaker within this community for those coming on the journey behind you.

What's Included In The Community...


Weekly Open Forum Discussion Groups with Jen

Every journey starts with a single step. Every week Jen will cover a wide range of topics for discussion with your peers, including:

  • Starting the diagnostic journey, and coming to terms with your new diagnosis
  • Socializing, communicating, self-advocacy
  • Even a chance to tell your story for support, validation and to empower others

One of the best ways to learn and be inspired, is to be around people who have similar experiences, and who share the successes of their journey. Learn from those who know what it is like to be in your position today, because they were in your position yesterday. And we can all continue growing together.


Weekly Q and A Sessions

Curiosity is a wonderful thing! Join us to ask your questions, or submit them privately. And come to share your experiences and support other autistic women. Learning from each other is so validating and empowering. You can:

  • Have your questions answered
  • Observe for as long as you feel comfortable
  • Know that others are experiencing the same things as you

Learn from those who know what it is like to be in your position today because they were in that position yesterday.


Get VIP Access to 1-1 Coaching, Diagnostics, and Small, Therapist-Led Support Groups

Priority will always go to members of this community. With a membership, you will be added to the VIP list for pre, during, and post-diagnostic support including:

  • Faster access to diagnostics with Jen to avoid general wait lists
  • VIP priority for 1-1 coaching with Jen at a discounted rate
  • First preference for smaller, more intimate support group programs

What’s to Come

In the future we plan to offer:

Priority will always go to members of this community. With a membership, you will be added to the VIP list for pre, during, and post-diagnostic support including:

  • “Coworking" virtual meetups for things like cleaning tasks, organizing, studying, exercising, cooking and more. We take requests! It can be a lot easier to get boring tasks done when you’re doing them together.
  • Special interest discussion groups where you can talk with others who have the same passion as you.
  • Guest speakers to provide education, information, and inspiration.
  • And we’re totally open to suggestions and inspiration from members.


This Community Is for You If…

  • You are questioning that you may be autistic
  • You’re diagnosed autistic and are looking for connection
  • You feel isolated and don’t know where to turn
  • You dream of living a more comfortable and peaceful life
  • You want to help others in their autism journey too
Yes, I Want IN!

Hi - I'm Jen

It’s nice to meet you

A little about my background - I’ve been working as a psychotherapist for 20 plus years, and an in-home parent consultant for even longer. I have a master’s degree in social work and then became a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)/psychotherapist.

I’ve worked with children, adults, couples, and families for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), abuse, trauma, parenting, women’s issues, and relational problems, specializing in neurodiversity, especially autism and ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder).

I realized later in my life that I grew up surrounded by neurodiversity, but no one was aware of it. That made so much sense as I’ve always had an affinity and intuitive connection with autistic children and adults.

In some way or another, I have been working with neurodivergent people since I was a teenager, and I feel totally blessed to have a career I love so much and find so rewarding. I have had the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of the many people I have been honored to work with.


 I felt very understood and validated… we supported each other and created a sense of community, which I feel like many, many autistic people don't have... especially because some of us are hermits. Jen was brilliant at facilitating the group. I highly recommend getting in touch with her.

Mackenzie Govaer                  

From this group experience, my whole life has changed. I understand myself better and feel like I can be myself and know there are people that will accept me just as I am. I feel more confident with my diagnosis and like this is who I am, and that is ok. 

Jordan Stevens
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